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The glues that we propose are mono-component or two-component (to blend with another product/ hardener/activator).
Usually, the use of the mono-component one is more appreciated for the simplicity but it’s recommended for “glued and sewed” wetsuits manufacturers.
Where seams are not possible or wanted, then it’s suggested to use two-component glues that are said to be more reliable. The second component percentage is however variable, although the maximum range is 5% -20%.
In any case, we suggest to do some gluing test to verify the compatibility of the glue with the elements on which is used, the glue endurance and to learn the right percentage of activator/hardener to use.
Glue drying time can change due to the humidity percentage of the working place.
All product must be used in an aerate place.
Glue and sealants listed below are tested to be used with our products. We don’t guarantee the endurance on other items.

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  • cuirmel go colla
  • eurofix colla
  • plastek colla
  • attivatore rfe
  • mastek ekosol