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D'Isonzo (GO)

D&D staff

Filippo Gabrielcig

Filippo Gabrielcig

Warehouse department. Warehouse worker.

Join us since 2017
    Foto Francesco Coco

    Francesco Coco

    Warehouse.Warehouse worker

    Join us since 2011
      Foto Alessandro Sussi

      Alessandro Sussi


      Join us since 2010
        Foto Paola Furlan

        Paola Furlan

        Reparto contabile. Accounting department

        Join us since 2011
          Foto Sara Boscarol

          Sara Boscarol

          Commercial and import department

          Join us since 2007
            Foto Luisa Pauli

            Luisa Pauli

            Commercial Department. Sales management

            Join us since 2003
              Foto Sara Cherri

              Sara Cherri

              Commercial Department. Import service

              Join us since 1996
                Foto Graziella De Maio

                Graziella De Maio

                Commercial department. Supplier/ purchase management

                Join us since 1995
                  Foto Elena De Maio

                  Elena De Maio

                  Administrative and accounting department

                   Owner & founder since 1988
                    Foto Maurizio Dudine

                    Maurizio Dudine

                    Design & management of new items and materials

                     Owner & founder since 1988