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When we talk about neoprene, frequently it’s refer to that kind of material used for wetsuit production; this is true but this purpose is just one of many possibilities! Today neoprene is not only used in sportswear, infact there request of this material is becoming more frequent in different kind of markets and the interest that has been developed  around this material is justified by the enormous field application which can be involved.

Neoprene is an artificial, spongy, micro cellular structure product; for some reason is similar to a rubber but is more lighter with an high thermal and isolating capacity. Therefore this material acts like a barrier between different eviroments, such as hot and cold or air and water.

Considerating its spongy structure, neoprene is a protective material against vibrations and collisions.

Neoprene is sold  in sheets with approximate dimensions:

120 x 210 cm for Sheico and National with +/- 5% tolerance (Attention: this measure isn’t effective for some sheet tipology like Kevlar type or J and C rubber. If you need to know the real sheet measures, please feel free to contact us.)
127 x 203 cm for Heiwa and Daiwabo with +/- 5% tolerance
125 x 200 cm for Jako with +/- 5% tolerance
120 x 210 cm for Yamamoto with +/- 5% tolerance

Sheet thickness, refers only to the foam (except lining), changes from a minimum of 0,5 mm to a maximum of 10 mm with +/- 0.3% tolerance.

Concerning about cellular foams, all measures and dimensions are subjected to tolerance.

Neoprene can be used to produce different types of foams, which will modify the material technical features (density, thermal, elasticity, compressibility…), it can be pierced to allow perspiration and can be producted with low inflamable features blends.

With the term “neoprene” we intend only the rubber part of the material; the finishing parts can be defined as you like. Are available different choice whether rubber finishing  (open cell, smooth, zigzaged….) or fabric typology which can be laminated above (nylon, polyester, lycra, felpa, elastic textile, more durable textile…. In a vast color selection).

Sheets can be lined or not, sandwich, mono lined and double lined.



It’s also possible to purchase SBR sheets: a material that’s similar to neoprene. The difference is in the chemical composition that’s why is surely more economic beside the low quality. For some application this blend is more efficent.

Throght the most recent innovation, we find prestressed neoprene, more known as “crushed neoprene”.

Prestressed sheet is quite slim, particulary elastic and very resistant. The only limit is the weight, bigger than other materials.

In our warehouse we have available a large quantity of sheet prompt delivery; for not available sheet we can produce it according to specific requests, delivery time from 30 days to go.