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The ANTARES item is the evolution of the QCS OVAL RING kit with a  more minimal design, ergonomic and comfortable. In addition to the full set of wrists, there is also the possibility to purchase only the rings, to convert the QCS OVAL RING system in the ANTARES system.


The ANTARES kit is available in 2 “standard” versions plus a “bigger one”  ideal for every size!

1A) The complete system that includes:

  • 2 PU RING rings to glue on the sleeve (cod. 60251)
  • 2 OVAL STIFF RING rings, enough for your wrists to PU RING (cod. 60260). These “new” rings fit the ring Oval 60261 on attaching the glove.
  • 1 pair of  silicon or latex WRISTS
  • 2 rings OVAL GLOVES RING (cod. 60261) with the respective O-RING (seals)
  • 4 rings OVAL RING SPANNER (2 to thickness) to adapt gloves to the OVAL RING depending on their thickness.

The complete system with SILICON WRISTS has the code 901060600

1B) The complete system with LATEX WRISTS has the code 901060602. These latex wrists are designed specifically for the Antares kit; in fact, part of the hairline, have a smaller diameter than to those standards. This is to avoid that once applied on the ring create the ‘waves’ that jeopardize the impermeability of the rings kit.

3) Rings for customers who already have the previous version of the QCS kit OVAL and want to “upgrade” to use  the gloves. the kit includes:

  • 2 rings OVAL RING GLOVE (cod. 60261)
  • 4 rings OVAL RING SPANNER (2 per thickness)

This kit has the code 901060610

N.B Rings can also be sold separately

Antares spanner
PU ring

What’s the version of my kit? : Look in the mobile ring of your kit. If there is a slot in, it means  that your QCS is the new model. If it is smooth, your QCS is the previous model.

ANTARES SUPPORT RING! You may experience difficulty inserting the Antares system, when using short sleeves wetsuits or under gloves with high encumbrance. Underglove infact may obstacle the engagement between the tongue support and its reference location. SUPPORT RING has been designed to prevent this type of inconvenience! The ring SUPPORT RING infact, with its fins guide, facilitates the joint between the ring-glove bayonets and ring-sleeve grooves, while avoiding the interference of the latex or under glove.


1) Install the QCS on the wetsuit.
2) Fit the SUPPORT RING with the ring glued on the sleeve.
3) Carefully place the  SUPPORT RING until it touches the QCS disk ring surface.
4) Ensure that SUPPORT RING  flanges overlap the QCS ring disk locking grooves 


3) VIRGO: the new ring kit dedicated to those who have large hands, perfect for every size! The kit includes:

  • 2 PU RING rings to glue on the sleeve
  • 2 rings OVAL RING STIFF to hook your wrists at PU RING.
  • 2 rings OVAL RING GLOVES with their O-RING (seals)
  • 6 OVAL RING SPANNER rings (3 per thickness) to adapt gloves to the OVAL RING depending on their thickness.

The complete system has the code 901060550. The silicon wrist standard size is only included with the kit code 901060552.

Codice prodotto

901060602 ANTARES kit with latex wrist size M
901060600 ANTARES kti with silicon wrist standard size
901060610 Conversion Kit from QCS OVAL kit (new model) to ANTARES kit (wrist included)
901060620 Conversion kit from  QCS OVAL kit (previous model) to ANTARES kit (wrist excluded)
901060260 Conversion ring for QCS OVAL kit (modello precedente) to ANTARES kit (wrist excluded)
901060550 VIRGO rings kit