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DYNAT zipper

cerniera dynat
DYNAT zipper

Dynat zipper is a watertight.
It’ s installed on products that are employed in eviroments where insulation from external elements is needed like diving suits, protection clothing (industrial chemicals), safety clothing OFF -SHORE, packaging and waterproof containers.


The zipper is made with a metallic teeth coil, positioned on a neoprenic tape.

How to measure the zip?

Dynat zipper measure corrispond to the entire lenght of the metallic chain, edges included.

The open measure is equal to the chain minus 5 cm



- To open and close the zipper, gently pull the puller in the direction of the chain until the upper or lower edge. Do not leave the zipper partially open.

- After use rinse only with water.

- Keep clean metal parts.

- Lubricate the chain periodically

- Do not bend the zip.

- Keep the zipper in a closed and dry place, possibly ventilated.


Codice prodotto

CS8DYNCBE023 - Dynat 23 cm

CS8DYNCBE070 - Dynat 70 cm

CS8DYNCBE075 - Dynat 75 cm

CS8DYNCBE080 - Dynat 80 cm

CS8DYNCBE085 - Dynat 85 cm

CS8DYNCBE090 - Dynat 90 cm

CS8DYNCBE095 - Dynat 95 cm