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The  OTTOZIPPER is a project with Italian design and manufacture in the Far East, which  offer a good quality at an economical price.


It is called Ottozipper because the chain has 8 teeth per inch unlike other types of zippers that have 6.

The tape is composed by 5 layers, which 3 of rubber and 2 of fabric. They are installed internally in the reinforcing loops (butterfly) for the ends. The strength of this zpper is the treatment of the tape which, in contrast to other similar products, does not need any prior sanding, being ready for bonding.

The puller (tie rod) to buttonhole is mounted on a bridge to evenly discharge the voltage and make sure that the cursor is not wheelie nor blocks; by some measures the puller is also available in interlocking version.

- To open and close the zipper, gently pull the puller in the direction of the chain to the upper or lower still. Do not leave the zipper partially open.
- After use rinse only with the use of water.
- Keep the clean metal parts.
- Lubricate the chain regularly
- Do not bend the hinge.
- Keep the hinge in a closed and dry place, possibly ventilated.


The nominal size of a Ottozipper zip is equeal to the length of the metal chain, plus the length of the two rubber terminals (about 4 cm total)
Measure  width of the opening is equal to the length of the chain, less than 5 cm.


Codice prodotto

OTC11NK10025 - Ottozipper 10" - cm 25

OTC11NK13033 - Ottozipper 13" - cm 33

OTC11NK29074 - Ottozipper 29" - cm 74

OTC11NK30076 - Ottozipper 30" - cm 76,5

OTC11NK31079 - Ottozipper 31" - cm 79

OTC11NK32081 - Ottozipper 32" - cm 81,5

OTC11NK35089 - Ottozipper 35" - cm 89

OTC11NK35089P - Ottozipper 35" - cm 89 puller ad incastro

OTC11NK36091 - Ottozipper 36" - cm 91

OTC11NK37094 - Ottozipper 37" - cm 94

OTC11NK38096 - Ottozipper 38" - cm 96,5

OTC11NK39099 - Ottozipper 39" - cm 99

OTC11NK40101 - Ottozipper 40" - cm 101,5