D&D was found in Trieste the 4th of October 1988 by Maurizio Dudine and Elena De Maio.

Since the beginnig, the slogan that carries throught the company philosophy is: “Spirito Sportivo (Sportive Spirit)“; to comunicate the willpower to manage commercial relationship with team support, in a mutual collaboration climate, for a common target: being successful!

From 2003, D&D has moved its headquarter in a building located in San Canzian d’Isonzo (GO).

The main activity of the company is focused on marketing operation, distribution of raw materials and in product related to watersports, outdoor, nautical, fashion, footwear and orthopedics.

For the distribution activity, we got a wide warehouse that allows us to supply our customers in a very short time.

We offers also the possibility to entirelymanage the logistical importation of complete containers or groupage, taking care of every step of the operation until the final deliver of the ordered products, with the furfilment of all the importation, transport and customs procedures.

Our staff is prepared to satisfy every commercial questions such as information about the products, the purchase mode, delivery and management.

The staff

Maurizio Dudine

CEO and founder since 1988

Project and management of new articles and material

Elena De Maio

Founder and CEO since 1988

Administrative and accountant team

Graziella De Maio

Sales team

Suppliers / purchases management

joining us since 1995

Sara Cherri

Sales team

Import service

joining us since 1996

Luisa Pauli

Sales team

Sales service

joining us since 2003

Sara Boscarol

Sales team

Import and commercial

joining us since 2007

Paola Furlan

Account team


joining us since 2011

Alessandro Sussi

Sales team

Gestione clienti / vendite

joining us since 2010

Francesco Coco



joining us since 2011

Filippo Gabrielcig



joining us since 2017