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Innovative watertight zip ring with Masterseal 10 chain, ideal for drysuits and decomposable  parts (jacket / pants).

It’s flexibility makes it adaptable to every project. Manufactured in polyurethane. The chain has 500 mbar endurance.

Isolated edges in waterproof box with screw latch.


Tizip Ringseal is a rounded masterseal 10, product by assembling a robust plastic coil to a high strength fabric, sealed on a polyurethane tape. Every coil half is safely embedded and secured in a plastic profile.When the TIZIP WaterSeal is closed, the sealing lips above and below the coil are compressed making a perfect seal.

The entire plastic trim is highly resistant to abrasions.

The unique design prevents the slider from wearing down the sealing lips when the zipper is opened or closed.

The physical design of the TIZIP Ringseal increases the seal strength when the pressure is raised or when cross tension is applied. Both actions lead to an increased mechanical pressure on the top sealing lip.


  • – Waterproof clothing
  • – Fabric and neoprene dry suits
  • – Tents, flexible covers
  • – Protective clothing for leisure, safety and industrial applications (gas and chemical protection)
  • – Flexible containers for electronic instruments and documents, and for machinery and apparatus for storage and transport
  • – Bags and backpacks for daily use and outdoor activities such as cycling, biking, sailing, hiking, and climbing

The zipper can resist (laboratory tested) until 500 mbar of pressure (air), edges included.
The cursor perfectly fits the latch.
The zipper is resistant to damage due to dust or sand; although in presence of dust or sand, it’s suggested to clean the zipper with water and liquid soap or other gentle cleansers.
Crumb dust, in the spiral trim, can condition the waterproof endurance. If the zipper is use to protect sensible materials, it’s necessary a frequent zipper cleaning and an careful control before using.

No zipper has been lubricate. Although this process is essential to maintain the easiness of the use and the perfect chain binding.
Initial lubrication all over the chain is essential.
It is recommended to read the instructions and use the given lubricant on every zip.
The lubrication of external surfaces, allows a better maneuvrability of the cursor.


Opening and closing the TIZIP MasterSeal 10 requires moderate pulling force on the slider. Please allow for a slightly higher pulling force to undock the ends of the closed version. Some lubrication can help to reduce the pulling force on the docking end. The chain is maintenance free.
The reinforcement cross strap is placed on the backside.

The TIZIP Ringseal’s  performance in terms of strength and durability is very good. However, sharp bending or twisting should be avoided.
When closed, the TIZIP Ringseal  has a cross breaking strength of minimum 300 N/cm.
In case of accidental opening cause by excessive tension, bring back the cursor to the initial position, reduce the tension on the coil and close the zip. This process won’t damage the zip.
If the accidental opening gets until the inferior edge, the first 2 cm of the coil must be assembled by hand, before bringing again the cursor at the initial position.


  • – 500 mbar per la catena
  • – larghezza nastro 70 mm
  • – larghezza catena 11 mm
  • – estensioni terminali 25 mm
  • – lunghezza cerniera: la cerniera si misura fermi inclusi. Per trovare la misura della catena sottrarre circa 2 cm.


The waterproof capacity of the zipper has been tested by  fastening the zipper in a straight rectangular frame 3 cm wide, face down. Compressed air is applied to the front side of the zipper and water poured over the back until it is submersed. To pass the test no air bubbles may occur for a period of 20 seconds. Random testing is performed during the production of every batch.


  • UV-RAYS: Very good
  • MICROBES: Satisfactory
  • OIL AND PETROL: Very good
  • TEMPERATURE RANGE: -30°C – +70°C


Codice prodotto

CSTRNGS7000118 Ringseal 118 cm